What is YooYogic?

It’s a platform which provides real time digital “One -to-one” customised sessions to individuals who are genuinely interested in improving their health in a holistic way.

Which technique will experts use to heal Body, Mind & Soul?

Different experts have different teaching methodologies.Some Body experts will make you do physical exercises (aasan), others will work on breath (pranayama) and some may use a combination of both. While Mind & Soul Experts may do a permutation & combination of physical exercises, breathing exercises, consultations and meditation. We suggest you read the bio of the experts and see what works best for you.

Do you offer Nutrition sessions as well?

Yes, pleasego to “Body” segment in the YooYogic app and you will find a separate section of Nutrition in it. You can choose to speak to any of our Nutritionists.


How do I choose a yoga style for physical health?

If you are a beginner, you should start with traditional form of Yoga (also known as Hatha). You can also try Yin Yang or Restorative Yoga. Intermediate to Advance practitioners can opt for Ashtanga or Vinyasa.

How do I choose between Aasan & Pranayama sessions?

In most cases, we would recommend you to start with Aasan. However, if you are too weak/old or suffering from certain medical conditions, you can directly start with Pranayama sessions.

How do I know which yoga style will work for the specific medical issue that I have?

You just have to tell us your details &medical issues and we will recommend you the right expert as per your profile.

How do I choose an expert?

Just tell us your needs and we will recommend you the right expert. In case you wish to choose the expert first, we recommend you to go through all the details available on the app as well as the suggestions written above.

Do I need to do Aasan (Physical Exercise) or Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) before moving on to Mind or Soul health solutions?

No, you can directly start working with the mind or soul. The best part of Yoga is no matter where you start from, it shows the result in every domain.


I have multiple needs. Can I get solution to all in a single session?

Well, that’s the beauty of Yoga. It works in a holistic way and it has multiple benefits which heals your body, mind & soul all together. But there are certain issues that require specific solutions. So, we recommend that you book separate sessions for separate needs. For more clarity, speak to our experts.

How many sessions should I take to get rid of my problem/ issue?

This depends on the degree of the problem. Speak to our expertsfor bestsolutions.

Can I buy a package for a particular Expert?

Yes, please write back to us at support@yooyogic.com with all details and we will look into the possibility.

Do you offer shared / group session?

Yes, please write back to us at support@yooyogic.com with your requirements and we will try to arrange a group session.

None of the available sessions suit my timings / convenience, what to do?

Not a problem, please write back to us at support@yooyogic.com with your requirements & chosen expert and we will try to arrange a session.

How do I check if my session is booked?

Go to the “My Plan” section of the app and check “upcoming sessions”. Your booked session will reflect there.


Which device should I use to take the session - Laptop / ipad / Mobile?

You can attend the session on any device. However, we recommend a laptop / desktop for best experience.

Will I be notified before the session starts?

Yes, as soon as you book the session, we will get a confirmation email with all the details. You can add your session appointment in your calendar. Also, we will send you a reminder email 10 min before the start of the session.

How do I start my session?

If you wish to take the session on your laptop / desktop / ipad, click on the link given in the session confirmation email and your session will start in the browser. Alternatively, you can also go to the “My Plan” section in the app and click on Join Nowto start the session on your mobile phone.

My session has stopped mid-way, what to do?

Firstly, check the strength of your internet connection. Chances are weak signal strength is causing this issue. In case the connection is strong & stable, and you are still unable to continue the session, please write back to us at support@yooyogic.com


How to Cancel a session?

Go to “My Plan” section of the app and check “Upcoming sessions”. There will be an option to cancel your booked session. You can cancel the session upto 10 min prior to the start of the session.

How much money will I be charged for cancellation?

It depends on when you cancel the session. Please read our cancellation policy for all details.

However, please note that we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of user information. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors may compromise the security of the user’s information at any time.

Can I reschedule my session to another date?

No, you need to first go to “My Plan” section of the app and cancel the scheduled session from “upcoming sessions”. And then you can book next available session with the same expert or another expert.

It’s been more than 10 working days, I haven’t received the refund. What to do?

Please write back to us at cancel@yooyogic.com and we will do the needful.


Not a problem at all. Just write to us at support@yooyogic.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.